Before and After Photos

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All photos shown are actual patients of Dr. Rosemarie Tan.

OMG! Look at my teeth. They’re so straight!

– B.J.

This 14-year old female had crowding in both the upper and lower jaws, with a deep overbite (notice how her lower teeth cannot be seen in the “before” photo), and a large overjet (her front teeth were too far forward of the lower). With great compliance and hygiene during the 21 months of treatment, she now has a gorgeous smile.

Wow Dr. Tan! I can bite into a burger now!

– E.B.

This male patient needed a combination of braces and surgery to correct his anterior open bite (space between upper and lower front teeth) and underbite (lower teeth biting ahead of upper teeth).

I appreciate everything that you did for my son. Thank you for being understanding with the appointments.

– E.J.

This 14-year old male had crowding in both the upper and lower jaws and a tooth that was in crossbite. After 20 months of wearing braces, he has a fantastic new smile.

Thank you Dr. Tan for fixing my teeth. You did an awesome job!

– S.B.

This 13-year old female had a deep overbite and a large overjet, which were treated with braces for 22 months. The result was an amazing smile! 

Thanks for closing my gaps Dr. Tan!

– T.M.

This 13-year old female wanted the spaces between her front teeth closed. After 20 months of wearing braces, she now has the smile she’s always wanted.

Thank you so much! I can’t believe how straight my teeth are!

– V.G.

This 14-year old female had severe crowding in both jaws and was treated in 20 months. She now has another reason to smile!